About RedMarket

RedMarket's purpose and passion is mechanical keyboards.  We strive to create a simple, affordable, and trustworthy marketplace.  


Q: Are your boards tested?  

A: Our boards are not tested unless stated otherwise in the description.  This does not mean boards are nonfunctional, just not verified.  Most boards have no reason not to work, but are not readily usable with modern computers without a converter.  

Q: Where do you source your keyboards?  

A: Most keyboards on the site come from a large warehouse located in Dallas.  The warehouse has since been liquidated and closed.  Other keyboards come from various locations in the DFW area.  

Q: My international shipping is super expensive!  Do I really have to pay this?

A: Due to the flat rate of the shipping calculator on Wix, international orders are not entirely accurate.  We are currently looking into to ways to fix this but for now go ahead and order and we will refund you the extra cost from the flat rate. 

Q: Do you have "X" keyboard? 

A: If it isn't already listed, most likely not.  But there will be future updates and acquisitions for the site, so keep checking in!

Redmarket is just getting started, so stay tuned!  If you have any other questions you can contact me, Redmaus thru the following options:


Deskthority: Redmaus


Discord: Redmaus #8311






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